Hot Chocolate

Is your chocolate gluten, nut, dairy, kosher?

Yes! All of our chocolate is gluten free as well as Kosher! 

Our chocolate is our own special blend which we are pretty proud of!  The fondue and chocolate squares are dark chocolate that is both vegan and gluten free.  Our hot chocolate is a milk chocolate that is not vegan but is still gluten free.  Although all of our products do not contain nuts they are NOT produced in a facility that is nut free.  Most of our dippables are individually packaged so you can read the ingredients and decide what is right for you. 

Our Hot Chocolate is not dairy free as it uses a powder form of dairy. The Fondue and Chocolate Squares are dairy free.

We also have sweet treats on the course. Most of those are also gluten free. This includes the chocolate squares and the m&ms. Unfortunately, the marshmallows are not.  

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